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Media Co-op journalist Miles Howe was arrested again today while covering resistance to fracking in New Brunswick. It appears he was specifically targeted.

This is the third time Howe has been arrested while doggedly covering resistance to SWN Resources in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick. The Media Co-op’s editorial collective denounces the ongoing attempts of the police to prevent Howe from reporting on resistance to controversial shale gas exploration. Miles must be released immediately with all of his gear, and the police must provide guarantees that they will allow him and other journalists to report on events in the area. His arrest, for the third time (he was not charged in either of the two previous arrests) is unacceptable and it appears to be the state’s preferred strategy for stopping him from getting the word out about protests in Elsipogtog.

Earlier this morning, Howe was reporting on thumper trucks doing seismic testing along a frosty Highway 11 in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick. Images posted by Howe on Twitter show a group of about twenty land defenders on the side of the highway, “about 6 kms from the thumpers.” About 15 police vehicles gathered near the protector line.

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Miles Howe has been covering resistance to shale gas exploration in New Brunswick since protests began in the spring. In October, he was arrested during a high-profile RCMP raid on a small group of Mi’kmaq warriors. He was later released without charges.

Further details of Howe’s’ arrest are not known at this time
Video from the protest today


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