"We have the warriors that are standing now, willing to go far. We are not here to make requests, We are here to demand attention,"



Chemical effects of oilsands

A new study released today shows chemicals from 50 years of oil sands production are showing up in increasing amounts in lakes in Northern Alberta. And the effects are being felt much further away...


Horse-capture protesters were...

Horse-capture protesters claim they were unjustly arrested
Five people charged with mischief after being accused of interfering with a controversial horse-capture site in central Alberta claim the RCMP arrested them despite not being able to tell them how...


Our Government Is Re-Victimizing...

Our Government Is Re-Victimizing These Residential School Survivors
If you want to know why the Conservative government has lost so much goodwill on the residential school apology, look no further than the treatment of the survivors of St. Anne’s Residential...


Prince George says no way to...

Prince George says no way to Enbridge
By Arthur WILLIAMS – Prince George Citizen Several hundred people gathered outside MP Dick Harris’ office on Thursday to voice their opposition to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway...


13 Oil Spills in the last 30 Days

Moving oil is a dirty business, and never has that been more clear than this past month. In the past 30 days the global oil industry has had 13 spills on three continents. And it’s not just...

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(VIDEO) Defining The Warrior:...

Defining The Warrior - WCNN - Idle No More
A Warrior’s responsibility Is to look after his people and the land, preparing it for the next seven generations. Sakej states that warriors have a sacred responsibility to manage the land and...

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